Practical Pinning - a six week online course Practical Pinning - a six week online course

Gain followers, grow your online presence, and make Pinterest work for your business!

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How to Use Pinterest to Grow your Blog or Creative Business by Dannielle Cresp

Pinterest Marketing for Makers + Designers with Megan Auman

Over the past few years, Pinterest has emerged as one of the biggest players on the social media scene. It’s also become one of the Internet’s biggest time sucks.

As a creative business owner or blogger, you know that Pinterest should play a role in your marketing strategy, but you aren’t exactly sure how.

You’d love to take advantage of Pinterest’s global audience to increase your traffic and drive more sales or to grow your readership, but you don’t know where you’ll find the time to make it happen.

And you’d love to see more of your content being shared on Pinterest by your ideal customers, not just your competitors.

That’s where we come in. As online business owners and bloggers, Dannielle Cresp and Megan Auman have seen the power of Pinterest first hand. In the last 18 months, we’ve managed to grow our Pinterest audiences by a combined 200,000 followers! And we’ve harnessed those followers to drive traffic back to our respective websites, increase mailing list subscribers, and drive sales.

And in Practical Pinning, we will help you create your own Pinterest strategy to grow your business or blog.

Practical Pinning is a six week, online course that will help you master Pinterest once and for all.

In this course, you’ll learn…

  • The difference in mindset between using Pinterest as an individual and using it to promote your business or blog.
    (And whether or not that means you need a Pinterest business account.)
  • How to use Pinterest to identify and target your ideal customer.
  • The easiest and fastest ways to rapidly gain a large Pinterest following.
  • How to create Pinterest specific content that gets pinned and repinned!
  • How to optimize your Pinterest content to drive traffic back to your website.
  • How to convert your Pinterest traffic into followers, readers, fans, and sales.
  • And much more!

As a member of this course, you’ll receive…

  • Six weeks of online lessons, videos, and worksheets from Dannielle and Megan.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with Dannielle, Megan, and your fellow students.
  • Group coaching calls with Dannielle or Megan to answer your in-depth questions and discuss your strategies.
  • A personal video critique of your Pinterest account, to make sure you’re using the site to it’s fullest.

Plus, you’ll get an individual feedback from Dannielle or Megan on your Pinterest account. You’ll learn what is and isn’t working, directly from people who’ve done it!

You know Pinterest could be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. Practical Pinning will show you how to make that a reality.

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About your teachers:

Dannielle Cresp is a social media maven and the founder and editor of Style for a Happy Home. Since May 2013, she has grown her Pinterest following from 1,000 to over 210,000 followers (and counting)! She’s created viral pins and harnessed that traffic to steadily grow her website. Dannielle is based in Melbourne, Australia, and when she’s not rocking Pinterest, she can be found out on a run.

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Megan Auman is a jewelry, textile, and clothing designer, and the founder of Designing an MBA. As an educator, Megan teaches on topics ranging from pricing to marketing to wholesale and more. Since September 2013, she’s grown her Pinterest following from 1,500 to 24,000 and earned a reputation for her strong aesthetic sensibility. Megan is based in a small town in south central Pennsylvania, USA, but escapes to New York City every chance she gets.

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Practical Pinning is a six week program that kicks off January 26, 2015. Each week, you’ll learn practical strategies you can use to grow your Pinterest following and drive traffic back to your own website. (Please note that the schedule may change slightly during the class to accommodate your needs.)

Week 1: Building Your Pinterest Foundation – In week one, you’ll learn the critical mindset shifts that come with approaching Pinterest as a business marketing and branding tool. You’ll learn how to set up your Pinterest account for maximum success, what boards make the most sense for your brand, how to verify your account and create rich pins, and how to use Pinterest analytics (plus your own metrics) to chart your progress.

Week 2: Your Pinterest Audience – In week two, you’ll learn how to use Pinterest to identify and target your ideal customer. You’ll learn to balance your own interests with those of your audience. And you’ll learn strategies for rapidly growing your Pinterst followers. Plus, Dannielle and Megan will share their time saving tricks to make every Pinterest session as efficient as possible.

Week 3: Implement Your Power Pinning Strategy – In week three, you’ll have the opportunity to really implement the strategies from the first two weeks, with accountability and feedback from Dannielle and Megan throughout.

Week 4: Pinterest Content Creation – Once you’ve started to grow your Pinterest followers, you’ll want to drive those followers to your own website. Week 4 will show you how to develop a strategy for consistent content creation that is fully optimized for Pinterest. You’ll learn what does and doesn’t work when creating pinnable content and how to engineer your pins to get the most repins AND click throughs. And, you’ll learn how to use Pinterest’s new Promoted Pins feature to amplify the reach of your best pins.

Week 5: Create Pinterest Specific Content – In week 5, you’ll once again have a chance to take action on what you’ve been learning, by focusing on creating content for your site, all while bouncing ideas off of Dannielle, Megan, and your classmates!

Week 6: Capitalizing on Pinterest – In week 6, we’ll discuss optimizing your website to take maximum advantage of your growing traffic. You’ll learn to integrate Pinterest into your sales cycle and create raving fans. Plus, you’ll create a long term strategy for Pinterest and business growth. And, you’ll learn a few advanced Pinterest strategies, like using Pinterest for trend spotting, media outreach, and more!

And throughout the course, Dannielle and Megan will be providing video feedback on YOUR Pinterest accounts, to make sure you’re on the right track.

Pinterest Results:

mailing list growth
“In September, 2013 I started a rapid Pinterest growth strategy and grew from 1,500 to 15,000 followers in just four months. In January of this year, I started creating customer focused content designed specifically for Pinterest. Since then, I’ve seen an increase in traffic, my monthly mailing list signups have improved by 300%, and I’ve found new customers online!” – Megan
how i created a viral pin“In January, 2014 I started a 52 project called Pinterest Saturdays where each week I do a round up of great Pinterest finds related to my blog’s monthly theme. Week 2 was 6 Summer Fun Party Ideas a simple round up image that went viral and has been repinned over 10,000 times in the 7 months after I first pinned it. That one pin alone brought up to 20% of all traffic to my blog at its peak and helped me to unlock what makes a great pin.” – Dannielle

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“Doing the Practical Pinning course with Megan and Dannielle will easily go down as one of the smartest things I did for my business this year. They offered so much practical information and advice, all put into a Pinterest strategy that really works. My travel blog is already reaping the benefits of a whole lot more traffic and I’ve only just scratched the surface of implementing everything I learnt in the course. Megan and Dannielle know Pinterest inside out and generously shared so much of what they’ve learnt from their own experience. Highly recommended.”
– Amanda Kendle, Amanda Kendle Consulting
“Thank you for a wonderful course, I’ve done a few e-courses and I have to say I think yours was the best, in terms of what you guys put into the Facebook group and the critiques and the excellent content. I’m powering ahead on Pinterest thanks to you guys.”
Natasha Lester, Author
Before the course my Pinterest following was growing very slowly and I had no idea how to use it in a way that would benefit my business. Dannielle and Megan packed the course with so much useful, actionable information, from technical set up details through to strategies and useful tips, and it began to show immediate results. I tend to avoid strategy and goal setting, but within the framework they created, and with all the information that was presented in simple and clear lessons, I found it was much easier and more fun than I imagined, as well as being measurably effective. Both Dannielle and Megan are extremely focused, knowledgeable and responsive teachers, and with the combination of the clear lessons, Facebook group and the weekly calls, this class was worth every penny. I feel empowered to carry on growing my audience using Pinterest, and because it’s fun, I’m more inclined to do it and am already seeing a difference. I call that a win!
Tara Leaver, Artist


When does the class start? The next session of Practical Pinning starts Monday, January 26, 2015 and ends March 6th. You’ll be able to download all the course content and access the course site for six months following the end of the class.

Who is this class for? Practical Pinning is designed for any creative business owner who is looking to use Pinterest to increase their traffic. That includes designers, makers, artists, bloggers, store owners, coaches and other online entrepreneurs.

Does the course meet at a certain time? Does it matter what part of the world I’m in? Practical Pinning is a virtual course, and you can participate from anywhere at anytime. Lessons will be posted to the course site at a designated time each day, but you are free to access them at any time.

When will the calls take place? Because Megan is in the US and Dannielle is in Australia, we’ll vary the call times to accommodate many time zones. And all calls will be recorded, in case you can’t make one!

Do I need a Pinterest account to take this course? No! If you aren’t already using Pinterest, Dannielle and Megan will walk you through the basics of setting up your account at the start of the course.

Do I need a website to take this course? Since the goal is to drive traffic back to your website, you’ll need a website to take advantage of this class. This could be your own website, a blog, or an online shop. If you’re working on launching a website in the next few months but aren’t quite there yet, you’ll also benefit from this class.

How much time can I expect to spend on the course? Between the content and the calls, you can expect to devote several hours a week to this course. You should also plan on spending at least 15-30 minutes every day actively working on your Pinterest account. (But don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to find the time to make that happen and make it fun!)

How long will I have access to the course materials? All material on the course site will be available for six months following the end of the course. All materials will also be available to download so you can access them forever!

How are payments handled? Payment is securely processed via PayPal and can be made using your PayPal balance or credit card. Please note that all course correspondence will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To use a different email address, please forward your PayPal invoice to

I want to give Practical Pinning as a gift. Is that possible? Yes! After you’ve paid, forward your invoice to megan(at)craftmba(dot)com with the name and email address of the person you are gifting the class to.

What happens after I register for the course? You’ll receive an email from Megan shortly to get you started. If you haven’t received an email by the start date, forward your PayPal invoice to megan(at)craftmba(dot)com

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